scripturesToday’s #ShareGoodness Idea: Scriptures are a great thing to share with others.

  • Post your favorite scripture. When a verse of scripture impresses you, share it with your friends in a social media post or in an email to a friend. Share your feelings about the scripture and what it means to you.
  • Create a meme. When you find an inspiring scripture, create a visual image of it and share it on social media. Overlay the scripture on a photo you have taken or stylize the text using a nice font on a background pattern. (If you use someone else’s image, be sure you have their permission before using it.)
  • Share pictures. Take a picture of your scriptures and post it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and include your favorite scripture in the caption. Include a comment about why the verse is important to you.
  • Use hashtags. Use relevant hashtags, such as #scriptures, #Bible, #BookofMormon, #WordofGod, or #FeastUponTheWord.

This is one article in a series of ideas on how to #ShareGoodness with others. For more ideas of easy, practical things you can do, see the book 101 Ways to Hasten the Work Online.


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