ad-bible-continuesWatch A.D.: The Bible Continues, a 12-week television miniseries that portrays the events after the crucifixion of Christ. It premieres Easter Sunday, April 5, on NBC in the USA.

the-bible-jesusIt is produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, who also produced The Bible TV miniseries and the movie Son of God. I have previewed the first episode of A.D.: The Bible Continues and find it to be exceptionally well done, as were the previous two productions.

  • The Bible was a 10-part miniseries that aired on the History Channel in March 2013. It was watched by 100 million viewers.
  • The feature-length film Son of God evolved from the work done on The Bible. It opened in theaters in February 2014 and earned almost $60 million. Read my review of the Son of God movie.

The nice thing about Burnett, Downey, and their partners at the production company Lightworkers Media is that they are creating films that appeal to a broad spectrum of faith. Their movies are uplifting and inspiring, in contrast to other movies that could have been faithful and inspiring, but were not, such as Noah and Exodus.


Both The Bible and Son of God are available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, and also for purchase on DVD.

Learn more about the producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey and their projects in the article “Looking back at ‘The Bible': Why the miniseries was successful, and where it has led.”

Read the article “8 Questions Mormons Might Have About NBC’s New Bible Series.”

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