ldstech-broadcast-lcrThe Leader and Clerk Resources section of ( is a wonderful resource. As a ward clerk, I have really been impressed with how simple it is to use. I also love the fact that I can do so many things from any computer, rather than having to get access to the computer in the clerk’s office.

Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) is the online replacement for MLS that is on the computer in the clerk’s office.

  • Available worldwide to priesthood leaders and ward council members, including counselors and secretaries. (Home and visiting teaching coordinators and supervisors also have limited access.)
  • Real-time data.
  • Access is based on your calling.
  • Available from any device with an Internet connection.
  • Translated into 35 languages.

Brian Fromm, the product manager of Leader and Clerk Resources, recently gave a presentation that shows how to use it. In this video, he shows how to view reports, make changes in callings, manage membership records, and print attendance rolls. He also covers how to manage home and visiting teaching and how to enter visits made.

In the video below, the presentation starts at 3:50. You can also watch the video by visiting the LDSTech broadcasts page and selecting the broadcast from July 17, 2015. (Currently, it is the video that shows at the top of the page.)

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