Allison MacKay Abortion Adoption
We've all been either observing or engaging in a conversation recently about abortion. Planned Parenthood is on the hot seat because of horrific videos being released that for me are too difficult to watch let alone discuss (and rightfully so). The reality of abortion and the heinous acts by those involved is something akin to murder right before our eyes -- a reality most find hard to believe and so we don't. Not only hard to believe, but because of the global norm of it all, utterly helpless to make it stop! But not today, not this woman...

Allison Hansen Mackay posted these powerful photos (publicly) on her Facebook wall with this message and a call to stand with her:

I have been pondering and praying about this for a long time. Today, with love and tears, I taught my children about abortion. And then we went and did something about it!

Will you stand with me?

Allison MacKay Abortion Adoption
Responding to a comment on the photo from another women who said that adoption is her and her husband's only answer to ever have a baby, Allison shared these thoughts:

"There are thousands of parents aching for a baby and sometimes women who find themselves at a clinic like that just don't see another REAL option..."

smile emoticonI believe this mother is inspired. I think she may just have begun something extraordinary.


Kathryn Skaggs 

For information about the official position of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) on the issue of abortion please refer to this excellent resource published on Mormon Women Stand.

Abortion: The Mormon Perspective on Abortion and Human Life

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