feedback-missionaryHave you ever clicked the Feedback link at the bottom of a page at If you have trouble finding something, or want to ask a question or comment about something you see or read on, just click the Feedback link.

Since 2009, over 276,000 feedback items have been submitted to  In addition to answering your questions, the Church uses feedback to identify what is most important to site visitors.

Feedback submissions are collected every 15 minutes and stored in a database that classifies the submissions and keeps track of them until they are responded to.

The feedback is handled by faithful Church members who are called to serve as Church Service Missionaries and volunteers. As a group, they are known as the Response Team.

Team members are spread around the world on almost every continent. They use their own computers and Internet access, and donate from a few to many hours each week.

To learn how these Church Service Missionaries and volunteers respond to questions in a personal way, read the article “Do You Know What Happens to Feedback at

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