The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has released an updated edition of the standard works in Spanish. The updated scriptures are available online at escrituras.lds.org and in the Gospel Library mobile app. Printed copies will begin to be available by June 30, 2016.

The updates are to correct typographical errors, correct mistakes in the study helps, standardize the format, and adjust the typeface to indicate more clearly what is scripture and what is a study help.

Some section headings in the Doctrine and Covenants have also been updated with recent historical findings to provide a clearer context for the scriptures and give a better understanding of the purposes of those revelations and the Church’s doctrine related to them.

The First Presidency stated that “members are not expected to obtain a new set of scriptures as a result of this updated edition.” Because the new edition maintains the same page numbers and font style of the earlier edition, most members will notice little if any difference. This consistency allows members to continue using their current scriptures.

See an explanation of all the changes at EscriturasActualizadas.lds.org.

Learn more about this Spanish edition in the article “Church Updates Spanish Edition of Standard Works” in English and Spanish.

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