lcrA new version of Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) is now available. Below is a list of the updates.

Note: Leader and Clerk Resources ( is available worldwide to priesthood leaders and ward council members, including counselors and secretaries. Home and visiting teaching coordinators and supervisors also have limited access.

New or Enhanced Functionality

  • Enhanced the Callings by Organization, Ward Leadership, and Organization pages to make it easier to view leaders and members.
  • Added a Households tab to the Member List that allows users to group members by household.
  • Added a Show drop-down menu to the Member List that allows users to choose which columns are displayed.
  • Added the ability to print selected individuals or households from the Member List.
  • For units in the United States and Canada only, added a link to the new Boundary and Leader Proposals (BLP) application.
  • Added the ability in home and visiting teaching to record “Not Visited” or “Not Contacted.”
  • Added a filter to the home and visiting teaching household lists to view those not visited or contacted.
  • Added buttons to the home and visiting teaching statistics that make it easier to toggle between percentages and totals.
  • Added access to authorized data and reports for the following callings:
    • Stake auxiliary presidencies (including secretaries)
    • Assistant ward mission leader
    • Branch mission leader
    • Assistant branch mission leader
    • Employment specialist
    • Stake employment specialist
    • District employment specialist
  • High councilors can now access the following pages: Quarterly Report, Unit Statistics, and Key Indicators.
  • Added the ability for stake presidents and stake clerks to view upcoming stake conference information and complete stake conference reports.
  • For the stake Relief Society president, added access to the Individuals Requesting Employment Help report.
  • Added the ability for stake users to view and edit meeting times for the wards in their stake.
  • Updated the member profile page to show the mother’s member name instead of her maiden name.
  • Added room numbers to the attendance rolls.
  • Enhanced the stake Unit Statistics report so that column headers remain visible at the top of the page when users scroll down.
  • Added the ability for stake presidents and stake clerks to submit recommendations for new mission presidents.
  • Added the ability for districts that are not part of a mission to submit confidential actions directly to Church headquarters.
  • Improved the Send a Message user interface.
  • Updated the Adult Member Self-Reliance page.

Issues Resolved

  • Resolved an issue where units outside the United States and Canada were showing boys in activity days as having an out-of-default class assignment.
  • Resolved an issue causing prospective elders to be omitted from Unit Statistics when they were assigned to an Aaronic Priesthood quorum.
  • Resolved an issue where, when users were printing some organization lists, not all organization members were showing.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented users from recording counselors in a stake presidency when a new stake president was recorded.
  • Resolved issues with the Officers Sustained form where certain callings were missing or not displaying correctly.

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