janiece-johnson jenny-reederWhile working on her dissertation, Janiece Johnson came up with the idea to create a resource for members to use while preparing lessons. She felt there would be value in infusing women’s voices into our gospel teaching.

Women’s stories have traditionally been shared in biographical format, but Janiece’s idea was to piece these testimonies together in a more easily accessible format. Five years later, she and her coauthor, Jenny Reeder, have put together a collection of thoughts arranged topically that is now available through Deseret Book.

Author Jenny Reeder points out that this format allows us to identify common themes. No two pioneer women lived the same experience. They approached the gospel in different ways. Like now, there was not one “right way.” These differences should not only be noticed but also appreciated, validated, and understood.

Knowing a bit about the lives of these women adds punch to their testimonies. Life wasn’t perfect for these women. They had stuff going on in their lives similar to us now, but they were resourceful and did the best they could in their circumstances.

Join Laura Harris Hales of LDS Perspectives Podcast for a journey back in time as we get to know a little bit more about some of the incredible women of the early Church.

Be sure to check out LDS Perspectives to access an excerpt from the book.

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