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There is a battle raging for the hearts and minds of those who have sincere questions about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, when many search for answers on-line they are more likely to find the mocking of the tall and spacious building than the scholarly answers we provide at FairMormon.  We need your help to change this.


It only costs $25 a year and as a member your input and insights will be valuable resources in helping to improve FairMormon as a safe place to find answers.  We are asking you to help us on the front lines as we provide ammunition needed to defend our faith.  This ammunition comes in the form of constructive scholarly responses.

Simply click on this link https://conference.fairmormon.org/product/sustaining-membership, “Add to the cart” and follow the steps to make the purchase.  As additional encouragement, Sustaining Members get a 20% discount at the FairMormon Bookstore, and FairMormon Conference Tickets.

As a bonus, if you join today we will send you a free copy of Michael Ash’s eBook, Bamboozled by the CES Letter. This insightful and sometimes humorous book explains why many of the complex issues presented by the CES letter are fundamentally flawed and do not accurately represent either Mormonism or the only logical interpretations of the data.

Please think about starting the year off as a 2017 Sustaining Member of FairMormon and becoming a defender of the faith.


Tom Hatton

Director of Development at FairMormon

Thomas Eastwood Hatton can trace his Mormon roots back five generations to the hills of eastern Kentucky. He has a degree in Family Financial Planning and Counseling from Brigham Young University and owns an investment company. Tom and his wife Julianne are the parents of four adult children and nine grandchildren. They are rabid Wildcat fans and contributors to FairMormon.

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