The members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles have published their testimonies of Jesus Christ in a series of individual videos called Special Witnesses of Christ. In each video, the Prophet or Apostle proclaims his witness about Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of the World.

This section of has been available for years, but was recently updated with video testimonies of the three most-recently called Apostles. These videos are also available in the Gospel Library mobile app.

Elder Ronald A. Rasband

Watch the video “Testimony of Christ Creates a Heritage of Faith” by Elder Ronald A. Rasband:

How can I build upon the legacy of my ancestors? How can I be a modern pioneer? From Salt Lake City, Elder Ronald A. Rasband answers these questions and testifies of the living Christ.

Elder Dale G. Renlund

Watch the video “Temples Endow Individuals with Power and Seal Families for Eternity” by Elder Dale G. Renlund:

How can we receive God’s greatest gift? How can we safely return to His presence? From Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Elder Dale G. Renlund answers those questions.

Elder Gary E. Stevenson

Watch the video “Prophets Show Us the Way to Happiness and Eternal Life” by Elder Gary E. Stevenson:

In this video filmed at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Elder Stevenson explains that as in the day of old, prophets today are called to lead God’s children, showing us the way to happiness and eternal life. As he testifies of Jesus Christ, Elder Stevenson answers the questions, “How can I find peace and joy in this life?” and “How can I find answers to help me with life’s challenges?”

Watch all 15 videos in the Gospel Library mobile app or in the section Special Witnesses of Christ, on in the section on Prophets and Apostles.



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