The following is from the article “Connect with Your Family: Past, Present, and Future” from the FamilySearch blog:


Family history provides a powerful way to strengthen your family. Connect with your family’s past to build a legacy through fun and meaningful activities, shared family stories, tools that help you along the way. See this presentation by Mike Sandberg and the activities below to get started.

Learn about Your Family

Discover your family history by learning about your ancestors and their lives. Or, expand your family’s understanding of FamilySearch apps, tools, and activities.

Using FamilySearch Apps

How to download and use FamilySearch mobile apps.

Map Your Ancestors

How to find maps of my ancestors' lives.

Simple Ways to Find Your Family

How to start finding your family and your ancestors.

Engage in Family Fun

Dive into some fun family activities for all ages. Whether you’re planning a family reunion, a game night, or a Sunday meal, you’ll find plenty of ideas here to make family history a part of your gathering.

Activites for the Whole Family

Try fun family activities to introduce family history.

Food and Family History

How to make the most of family meals with family history.

Your Family’s DNA History

What DNA can tell you about your family's history.

Test Your Family History Knowledge

Quiz your family about your ancestors.

Share Your Family’s Story

Family history is all about connections with past, present, and future generations. Find ideas to help you tell your story, connect with other family members, or share memories on social media.

Relatives Around Me

How to find relatives near you on the FamilySearch Family Tree app.

Record Oral Histories

Record oral histories of your family stories for future generations.

18 Tips to Write Your Family Stories

Make a habit of writing your personal and family stories.

Start Simple with 52 Stories

Start recording your family history in 52 questions each week this year.



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