1. Hear from and meet famous scholars. And not-so-famous scholars.
  2. Learn how to respond to critics in a kind but informative way.
  3. Get a front-row seat to any drama if the conference is crashed by hostile anti-Mormons and the Danites have to be called in.
  4. Hear six female scholars speak.
  5. There will be Red Vines! And possibly York Peppermint Patties.
  6. Dan. Peterson. Is. Speaking.
  7. Enjoy an accessible scholarly experience.
  8. Get the conference discount in the bookstore and get your books signed by their authors.
  9. Come hear what General Authority Seventy Elder Kevin W. Pearson has to say.
  10. See if Steven Harper or Brad Wilcox draws the most people.
  11. Strengthen your testimony.
  12. Red Vines! And Dan Peterson!

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