father-blessing-sonInstructions on how to perform priesthood ordinances and blessings are now available in the Gospel Library mobile app for easy reference. The instructions come directly from chapter 20 of the Church’s Handbook 2. Now priesthood holders will have these handy instructions available right on their phones.

Latter-day Saint priesthood holders should take advantage of opportunities to use the priesthood in giving blessings and performing other ordinances, such as administering to the sick, giving father’s blessings, and consecrating oil.

Where else are instructions found?

To find the Priesthood Ordinances and Blessings section in the Gospel Library app, tap Individuals and Families and then Priesthood Ordinances and Blessings. 


You will then see the table of contents, listing the various ordinances and blessings:

Learn more about ordinances and covenants in the article “Latter-day Saint Beliefs: Ordinances & Covenants.”


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