President Russell M. Nelson spoke on Tuesday, September 17, 2019, to a worldwide audience of young adults in a devotional address broadcast from BYU. His message was carried live on the Church’s Facebook page, YouTube channel, and the main website (

President Nelson explained that scripture makes clear that God wants the best for everyone. His motive is pure love. This motive cannot be any different for the prophets He calls to communicate His love.

He reminded young adults of five important truths: (1) they are children of God, (2) truth is indivisible, (3) God loves them and (4) calls prophets to help them, and (5) they can know for themselves what is true. (For a complete look at all five points, read the full text of President Nelson’s address, “The Love and Laws of God.”)

Marriage and LGBT issues are areas in which teaching truth has become unfashionable in recent years. Though many governments around the world have accommodated same-sex marriage, President Nelson reminded the audience that “God has not changed His definition of marriage.”

The prophet made a important distinction between Church doctrine and policy and illustrated the point by explaining the November 2015 implementation and subsequent modification in 2019 of the policy that prevented the children of gay and lesbian parents from being blessed or baptized without First Presidency approval.

Watch the 25-minute talk below or read the text.


Letter shared on President Nelson’s Twitter account on September 12.

On September 12, President Nelson tweeted the following note: My dear young friends, You are literally sons and daughters of God. He loves you! I love you, too! I invite you to join me on Tuesday as I share an important message about God’s love for you. We’ll see you soon! Love, Russell M. Nelson

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