Newsweek published an article by a doctor who doesn’t (so far as I know) believe that reptilians run the US government and alien DNA is being used in scientific experiments.

He does, however, claim hydroxychloroquine helps COVID-19.

As far as we know, this is false. My brief note on this is here.

And his article is terrible. If you want a point by point analysis, see here. A quote:

The rest of Prof. Risch’s AJE article is a veritable Gish gallop of cherry-picked studies. Hilariously, he relies heavily on uncontrolled “studies” and case series from two grifters, Didier Raoult and Vladimir Zelenko….

I had a hard time believing that an actual professor of epidemiology at a school as reputable as Yale could write such drivel. The study he is referring to is Gautret et al., a study so awful, so full of flaws (and maybe even fraudulent), that it was quite properly dragged on science and medical Twitter for days and weeks afterward. That Prof. Risch would cite such an abomination of science tells you all you need to know about him.

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