There was a recent interview on CBC with Dr. James Talbott.

He was the Chief Medical Officer of Health for the Government of Alberta from 2012 to 2015.

He is currently Co-chair of the Edmonton Zone’s Strategic COVID-19 Pandemic Committee.

His past jobs include:

  • Director, Prov Lab of Public Health for N. AB, Chair;
  • National Foodborne, Waterborne & Enteric Disease Committee;
  • Medical Officer of Health for Edmonton, Alberta Health Services
  • Chief Medical Officer of Health for Nunavut;
  • Founding member SIREVA and ARTSSN surveillance networks.

Given that he works for a University and his committee is a medical one–not a government one–he is free from political pressure.

If you’d like to see the “triage” document he refers to, here it is.

I have been asked if the triage means that those who are unvaccinated would go “to the back of the line.” Decisions are not made based on foolish decisions by the patient. Decisions are based on who has the best chance of survival and quality of life. Being unvaccinated lowers the risk of survival despite intensive care, so that would be factored into the decision.

There is more detail here, and a FAQ here.

The fact that I am reviewing it and that it is being circulated among physicians tells you where we are at.

Get vaccinated. Wear masks. Be smart.

You’re not just “choosing for yourself.” You’re choosing for all of us.

Those holding back are also choosing for me to potentially make choices I should never have to make.

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