Keeping a personal, handwritten journal may be difficult in this busy time of your life. Why not give online journaling a try? There are dozens of apps, websites, and social media platforms that offer online journaling options.

What Is Online Journaling?

Online journaling websites are internet-based web pages that offer the ability to record journal entries and save them to their website. Usually, you have the ability to download, print, or even share your journal entries.

Online journaling websites have pros and cons. A pro might be that your journal is easily accessible anywhere there is a computer and internet access. Some might be mobile friendly or offer an accompanying app. It may also be free. A con might be that the website gets sold or becomes obsolete and you are no longer able to access your journal entries. Some services may also require a subscription to use.

Online Journaling Options

The article “6 Online Journals to Make Journaling Easier” describes six online journaling options, including Penzu, 750 Words, Diaro, social media, and FamilySearch Memories.



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