In a social media post, Sister Michelle D. Craig, first counselor in the Young Women General Presidency, explains how she uses digital scriptures:

I will never forget my panic about 10 years ago when I thought I had lost my scriptures. I wanted to cry—in fact, I probably did.

I felt sick thinking about all of the notes and impressions written in the margins—personal revelation that was now lost. I knew starting over with a fresh set of scriptures would be a blessing, but my heart hurt.

Those dog-eared scriptures turned up a week later and my heart was happy. I love my paper scriptures, but perhaps that experience made me more open to using digital scriptures. Now I use both.

Over time, I transferred all my notes from my paper scriptures to my digital copy. I have added many more thoughts and notes—after all, I have unlimited margins now! I have linked conference talks and created hundreds of tags.

When I am preparing a talk or studying a specific topic, the first thing I do is turn to the Book of Mormon—my digital version. All books of scripture are important, but there are special promises attached to the Book of Mormon.

I look at tags I have created and start reading scriptures that relate. I have a notebook close by and write down verses that speak to my heart. These verses lead me to other scriptures or general conference talks on the same topic—the words of past and present prophets teach me.

Time spent every day in the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, can tether our hearts to heaven. It is the consistency in God’s word that allows the Spirit to teach, not the amount of time spent—we know the “Lord loves effort”!

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