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Connecticut Man Accused Of Setting Car On Fire Because Victim Was Mormon

Associated Press

Police said the man admitted to starting the fire and said he did it because he didn’t agree with the man’s religious beliefs. LDS Daily followed up reporting new details on the case.

Latter-day Saint leaders and LGBT+ advocates deepen their relationship on Washington D.C. Temple tour

Tad Walch – Deseret News

The Washington D.C. temple open house has helped further the alliance between those working for religious and LGBT+ rights. Helping to prove the point Rev. Marian Edmonds-Allen recently made here in Public Square Magazine.

Like Christmas, Eid is being commercialized – and that’s a welcome thing

Rifat Malik – NPR

Eid, a holiday celebrating the end of Ramadan has been increasingly commercialized in the United States. While Christians are most familiar with bemoaning the commercialization of holidays, Rifat Malik explores why this might be a blessing to the Muslim-American community.

Abortion restrictions v. religious free exercise: Which will win?

Mark Silk – Religion News Services

We may be looking at a major reversal on religious freedom issues. Some faiths, such as Judaism, specifically require abortion in limited circumstances. Will they be able to access those abortions as part of the free exercise of religion?

Seek and Expect Miracles

Anne Hinton Pratt – Meridian Magazine

Anne Hinton Pratt takes President Russell M. Nelson’s directive to seek and expect miracles seriously in this article identifying the kinds of miracles we can look for and how to be more aware of them in our life.

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