Anyone you meet online could be a threat. In fact, the FBI has estimated that an astounding 500,000 predators are online each day—most of which have multiple online accounts, personas, and profiles. Dating apps, social media platforms, or other messaging apps, in particular, are a cybercriminal’s playground. Make sure you’re following these important guidelines while using these kinds of apps.

  1. Never agree to privately meet anyone face to face. And especially don’t agree to go with anyone to a secluded location—anyone that truly respects you wouldn’t ask you to do that anyway.
  2. Don’t share any personal information through a device—not even to someone you think you know. Period. Scammers won’t just impersonate strangers. In fact, scammers often hack into someone’s account in order to send phishing links to unsuspecting friends and contacts.
  3. Be wary of online requests for money or private information. It’s never a good idea to give out details about your personal identity online. Even if you know the person and they actually are who they say they are, who’s to say their account won’t get hacked and your information stolen?

Extracted from the article “50 Internet Safety Tips for 2023,” published by Deseret First Credit Union”.


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