Welcome, one and all to my wrap up of all the best posts to be found on-line in my adventures in cyberspace.  This time we have no worries, the importance of intelligences, the fine line between creativity and madness, wet bugs and so much more, so dig in.

Regarding the Mind-

At Mothers in Medicine, MWAS, a pediatrician, shares the havoc that can be wreaked upon the mind by a simple little question, “What If?”

In a similar vein, James at Finding Optimism has a series of great quotes about worries, their wasted energy, and how they can be rooted out.

At Mind Hacks, Vaughn argues that because how we think varies by our situation and environment, that lab experimentation is precisely the wrong way to study it, in a biblically titled post, through a lab, darkly..

Regarding the Soul-

Mollie at Get Religion critiques reporting of the fascinating conversion story of Joe Eszterhas, the Hollywood writer that brought us such raunchy films such as Basic Instinct and Showgirls.

At By Common Consent, Margaret Young has some eloquent thoughts about how serving a mission for the Lord with single minded dedication can paradoxically open the mind and give strength to weather the storms of life.

At Latter-Day Saint Philosopher, Nathan Richardson reflects on why knowing that we consist of an “intelligence” that has always existed is so important, in spite of our knowing virtually nothing more about the subject, as he reflects on why the Lord saw fit to reveal this piece of the puzzle.

Regarding the Body-

Michael at Medgadget reports a stunning breakthrough by Harvard researchers who “directly reprogrammed” the cells in mouse pancreas to produce insulin rather than their usual digestive enzymes.  Could this be the first step in the cure for type I diabetes mellitus?

At Encefalus, a report to complement my pondering of sleep deprived mad scientists, in which the Author ponders the wonders of Dopamine, an important agent in wakefulness, creativity, and madness, all at the same time.

Joseph at Corpus Callosum looks into a new report that shows denture cream and an excess of Zinc can lead to profound neurological impairment.

or All the Above-

At Reflections in a Head Mirror, Oncologist Bruce Campbell, MD shares the story of two patients, illustrating the difference between curing and healing, which he believes, lies in relationships.

Edwin Leap, MD shares a thought provoking column he wrote for the local newspaper where he asks why do we spend so much in medical resources on Drunks? The answer is heartfelt.

the Anesthesioboist takes a sobering moment to reflect on the pain every doctor faces when having a patient die, in a very powerful post that ends with the big question, “how do we heal?”

and Just because I Liked it-

Dr. Rob at Musings of a Distractible Mind notes the considerable irony involved when congress acts to stop pharmaceutical companies from giving (gasp!) pens and paper to physicians.

RD, MD at GNIF Brainblogger has a wonderful description of the dilemma we physicians face when it is our turn to be sick, as he analyzes the pluses and minuses of revealing what you do to your health care team.

I stumbled across the ultimate site for parents who want to raise doctors, or parents who just think toys that teach about the human body are way cool, I Heart Guts sells plush stuffed internal organs toys, brain included of course, to help your kid leap ahead in the human anatomy department.

Zooillogix has a fascinating photo display of insects who happen to have gotten wet, like the bug below.

I hate rain!

I hate rain!

That’s all I got for now.  Hope you enjoyed.  However if you you are hungry for more the blog carnivals are here.  There is an abundance of good stuff at this weeks Grand Rounds is up at a Chronic Dose for all things medicine, and Encephalon is bringing all things brain out of Africa.  See you later.

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