Wow, you’ve got to see this clip. This is fantastic.

Be sure to watch it clear until the end; it’s only about 5 minutes long. (The first few seconds of video are kind of messed up.)

VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED: Sorry, but it looks like the video I uploaded from YouTube was pulled for copyright reasons. I didn’t realize there was a copyright issue. Here’s the link to the clip from Comedy Central.

Joking aside, I think Stewart is capturing something I have been suspicious of. Many Palin supporters are being hypocritical concerning their support of her, and I suspect that this runs much deeper than the issues presented in this clip. As just one example, many Mormons will deride (openly or quietly) the career ambitions of someone like Hillary Clinton, but celebrate them in Sarah Palin. One reason for this certainly may be that there is a larger context to consider, but whatever that is is not being explicated — as is very clear by Stewart’s clip.

But I’m probably sexist for even bringing this up.

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