It’s here again and back on schedule.  This week I’ve got emotion, fear and stigmatization on the mind, parables, heaven and hell and success for the soul and whoopee cushions, spleens and lots and lots of protein for the body, to name just a few.  So without further delay I present especially for you, the reader, the creme de la creme of the internet I happened to have stumbled across surfing the internets-

Regarding the Mind-

At World of Psychology, psychologist John Grohol reveals that other people and events do not cause our emotions, with some excellent advice on how we can take control of our own feelings.

Sticking with World of Psychology and John Grohol, here is another fantastic post reflecting on the stigmatization of mental illness by the newsmedia by linking it with violent crime in a manner that doesn’t hold up to reality.

At Reverse Thinking, John Eaton shares the profound truth that what causes our fears to mushroom out of control is the simple act of giving in to them. I know from experience that this is very true, and yet I continue grapple with the same fears over and over.  Here’s hoping one day we all may learn.

Regarding the Soul-

At By Common Consent, Kevin Barney brings to life the parable of the one whom the shepherd leaving the ninety and nine to save the one by sharing a testimony given in his ward by parents of the one lost and then found.

At Mormon Matters, Andrew Ainsworth shares his journey from a literal and concrete understanding of Heaven and Hell, to a much more powerful and transcendant vision of what they really are, states of being brought about by aligning ourselves with eternal principles.

At One Broken Off, Dallan shares some profound thoughts about defining success in a culture of perfection in a manner that is much more healthy.  He takes a look at the Lion within all of us with some very wise words.

Regarding the Body-

Dr.Rob at Musings of a Distractible Mind shares part 2 of his hilarious, informative and entertaining overview of heart sounds and physical examination in which the heart is likened to a whoopee cushion.

At Health Skills Weblog, Amiedus Free shares some nifty tidbits of health and science trivia, explaining us what the spleen is, how smoking makes back pain worse, and how sleep deprived hallucination are actually waking dreams.

At Brainblogger, Jennifer Green shares the story of the ketogenic diet, a nutritional and therefore “alternative” treatment for epilepsy that the scientific evidence supported and took right into mainstream medicine.  Researching these ideas is clearly not always the waste of money some claim it is.

or All the Above-

In the Deseret News, Doug Robinson has renewed my faith in the power of compassion with the story of Mindy Carter-Shaw, who is fighting to keep the man whose stupid decision maimed her child, out of prison.

Edwin Leap, MD reflects on how the problems that arrive at the ER reveal to him the failures of the social revolutions of the past fifty or so years in an insightful post.

At the Splintered Mind, Eric Schwitzgebel shares a profound and deep essay on what makes the love between husband and wife so powerful that it is the very foundation of life, society, and family, with excellent ideas on what can make enduring and unbreakable, in spite of the fact that it is necessarily conditional.

At Depressed (But not Unhappy) Mormon Mommy, Laura shares some powerful personal experiences and reflections on the incredibly complex, uncomfortable, and yet dreadfully important subject of suicide.

and just because I Liked it-

At Vitum Medicinus, a tongue in cheek job description for your basic medical student is posted. It would be more funny if only it weren’t so true, there’s pain in that laughter.

At Dr. Gwenn is in, the good doctor shares a very cool way to earn money for your favorite charities simply by surfing the internet, whether its hunger, child health, fighting breast cancer, literacty, saving the rain forest, or pet rescue that suits your fancy.

At Mind Hacks, Vaughan relates the fascinating history of the motorcycle helmet, which it turns out owes itself to sir Lawrence of Arabia and his untimely death.

That’s all I got this week, but you know me.  I’ll keep scouring the internet tirelessly and fearlessly and will not rest until the link is right here on my blog. Until then, happy surfing.

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