A thousand apologies for my light posting of late.  My work among the sick and infirm has cut deeply into my writing and pondering time.  However, I will post as I am able.  In the mean time, here is a treasure trove of great stuff from around the blogging world for your enjoyment.

Regarding the Mind-

At the Reality of Anxiety, Aimee shares a nifty story of a nurse who took control over her anxiety with the help of therapy over the phone, simply by coming to an understanding of where it came from and what its purpose was.

At Depressed (but not unhappy) Mormon Mommy, Laura discovers that post partum depression can afflict dads almost as often as it does moms.  The truth is all major life transitions, positive or negative, can trigger a depressive episode in those predisposed to such things (i.e. human beings.)  I should know, I took on about four of the major ones at once, and am very fortunate to have lived to tell the tale.

At Storied Mind, John D points out that when in the midst of depression, grief means healing is near, in a powerful observation on the nature of depression.

Regarding the Soul-

Derrick Bownds Mind Blog shares a timeless piece of wisdom passed down through the Cherokee nation, with an powerful and insightful description of human nature and what we may become.

Following along the same lines as the Cherokee, DMI Dave Guest blogs at the Juvenile Instructor, and shares the thoughts of historian Ron Walker on the notorious, horrific and tragic episode in Mormon History that was the Mountain Meadows Massacre.  He thoughtfully reflects on Walker’s report that studying this event changed him for the better as a human being.

Steve at Mormon Organon takes the Mormon directive, to find the good in all religions, very seriously as he discusses profound insights gleaned from Wicken author Starhawk, backed up by taking a fresh look at a very old and familiar biblical story.

Regarding the Body-

Grrl Scientist examines evidence that a rare brain condition called Creutzfeld-Jakob disease, long known to have a similar cause to Mad Cow disease, is in fact the same thing with the one and the same cause.

Neurophilosophy has an interesting explanation of why certain optical illusions appear to shimmer, based upon the natural movement of our eyes.

At Junkfood Science, Sandy Swarc, BSN tears apart a sensationalized study that has been making rounds on the internet, claiming that giving tylenol to children causes asthma.  “Not so fast,” she says.

or All the Above-

Dr. Pauline Chen writes an very nice article in the New York Times, pondering how our focus on diagnosis has taken the patient and who they are right out of the process of allopathic medicine with its curing focus.

In the Guardian, Sarfraz Manzoor reports a wonderful phenomenon popping up in the UK during the month of Ramadan, flash mobs to feed the hungry, not unlike the Mormon practice of fasting on the first Sunday of every month and, in our hunger, giving an offering to the poor, only this time done en masse, and buffet style.

In a YouTube video that has to be seen to be believed, two dancers, Dana Kotler and Joy Gibson recreate the action potential, the way neurons communicate through electricity using their favorite medium, interpretive Dance.  They compare the healthy neuron to the demyelinated neuron like those found in Multiple Sclerosis.  All I can say is “oh my.”  I am just—speechless.

and just because I Liked it-

The Situationist has a provocative post about using the law to make those financiers, whose reckless practices have ruined the economy, pay to clean it up.  It makes a very good case.  Throw the get rich quick ”house flippers” in with the bankers and I think we might have a strong precedent for ever having this kind of insanity ever again (at least in our generation.) 

First Things On the Square has a wonderful essay by Richard John Nehaus reminding those who put the cart before the horse that religious freedom is the only way we can preserve religious freedom, and its central purpose must always be to preserve religious freedom.  Confused yet, read the article, it’s brilliant.

At Keepapitchinin, historian first class, Ardis Parshall shares some rather disturbing old Utah newspaper clippings proclaiming the wonders of radioactive water for your health.  Yikes!

With that I bid adieu.  See you next time.  Until then, Happy Surfing, and Remember-



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