To my normal readers: most of you will not understand the following post, nor care about the revelation contained therein. Should that be the case, please ignore this post.

Three years ago (almost to the day), Rusty at Nine Moons revealed the identities of a few individuals involved in some anonymous blogging that had taken by the bloggernacle by storm. To say that the revelation caused a bit of controversy would be an understatement.

One of the participants apparently could not stay away from the comfort of anonymity, and later started Trash Calls. (The information below supports the claim of this affiliation.) Since its inception, the identity of the blog’s owner/editor has remained a mystery. Until today.

This evening, a visitor came to my blog around 5pm. According to my analytics tracker, he scrolled through three pages of posts, and then searched for “marriage” in my blog’s search form. He then left my blog.

This visitor has been to my blog before, and commented three times on a blog post I wrote in May. At that time, I “tagged” them in my analytics tracker to tie their name to their IP address. See below for screenshots showing both of these sources.

Not two minutes later, a visitor came to my blog by clicking on a link on the Trash Calls blog. I clicked through to see what link they had come from, and it was a post that had just been written. That post contained a link at the end to a post I wrote about getting married.

Thus, it’s quite safe to conclude that the editor of Trash Calls, who had just written a post containing a link to a post on my blog about marriage, was the same individual who not two minutes previously had searched for “marriage” on my blog to find a relevant post.

So, who is Joseph Addison?

As the source images below show, it’s the person most have suspected all along: Steve Evans.

Thanks Trash Calls, it’s been a real trip!

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