Keepa posts on the themes of Veterans’ Day:

Utah’s First Annapolis Cadet
Jens Leslie Stevenson: Called to Serve
Will They Remember Me?
A Latter-day Saint in a German POW Camp
Clifford F.D. Kangas, 1947-1967
Janos Kalapsza “… went out to the Mormons”
Chaplain B.H. Roberts Pleads for the Lives of His Men
Chaplain B.H. Roberts Leads Memorial Services
Chaplain B.H. Roberts Eulogizes the Dead
The Chapel Built by Cigarettes
Our Women Veterans
On Welcoming Home LDS Servicemen and Servicewomen
David O. McKay: The Church and the Present War
J. Reuben Clark, Jr.: The Awesome Task of Peace
The Relief Society Pleads for Plowshares and Pruning Hooks, 1933
Emma Ray Riggs McKay: Woman’s Power to Remove the Cause of War

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