My wife wasn't feeling well this morning and just said she wanted fruit for breakfast. As I was cutting some strawberries I had bought yesterday, I noticed - you probably all noticed this years ago - what nice hearts they make when notched at the top and trimmed a bit on the sides. So here's my little fruit plate I made - come on, let's hear a big "Awwww" - with the help of some blueberries, tangerines (tangelos, I think), and a banana. Just a little tip for you guys - not that I was trying to score any points, or anything. You completely misunderstand us guys if that's what you're thinking. Yep.

I know, I know - how silly, how nerdy, how bizarre, that someone takes pictures of the lame little food arrangements they make. But I only share this to help out my fellow men. We need all the points we can score!
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