I wanted to be sure, that if you have not seen the new Homefront Video Series, produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints, they are an absolute MUST!

A division of Bonneville Communications, boncomdotcom is currently running these extremely well made LDS t.v. Ads, encouraging families to spend more time together! Because as we all know -- the "family", is about TIME -- right?

"A community is only as strong as its families. And Homefront Public Service Announcements remind families to slow down, spend time with each other, and create stronger bonds. These positive messages are strengthening communities all over the world, but most importantly, they can strengthen families in your community."

Mormon Ad - Homefront - Swashbuckler

"GIVE your family everything, give them your TIME"

In my opinion, this collection of Homefront videos, are of the highest caliber that I have ever seen the Church present. The videos are of such professional quality, that you feel like you are watching an actual motion picture. The only negative thing that I could possibly have to say about the Homefront videos, are that they don't last long enough. Just about the time your microwave popcorn is finished popping, poof - they are over!

I doubt that there is any better group on the planet, than the Mormon people, for forwarding emails to our friends. Whether it's a funny joke, or an inspirational story - we are viral evangelist for a cause.

Can I make a suggestions? Lets all see what we can do, to help the Church promote the Homefront series, via email and posting these videos on our blogs, Facebook, Twitter them, etc... And when you do, make sure you let your friends know, that we are on a mission - and that they need to keep spreading the love.

Mormon Ad - Homefront - Runaway Stage

"IMAGINE what a little time can do for your FAMILY"

How could anyone be offended by a video, encouraging spending more time together as a family? So, send these Homefront videos to your friends, and invite them to share the videos, with their non-member friends.

One last thing, when you visit the boncomdotcom YouTube channel, please take the time to RATE each Homefront video, and perhaps even leave a comment. The Church produces these types of videos for a specific purpose, and they are counting on us, the members - to help with distribution.

Lets DO it!

Kathryn Skaggs

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