It’s 1925, and Latter-day Saints around the world are gathering in front of their chapels, under nearby trees, and on picturesque hillsides. Enjoy another page from our extended family album –

Sacramento, California

Pocatello 1st Ward, Idaho


Arendal, Norway


Murray 2nd Ward, Utah


Stockholm, Sweden


Mountain View, Alberta


Anaconda, Montana


Price, Utah


Hobart, Tasmania


Redondalos, Los Angeles Stake, California


Ely, Nevada


San Francisco, California


Lae, Oahu, Hawaii


Edinburgh, Scotland


St. Johns, Malad Stake, Idaho


Sydney, Australia


Ashurst, Arizona


Mothers of Lethbridge, Alberta


Ogden 12th Ward, Utah


Kapaakauai, Hawaii


Matthews Ward, Los Angeles Stake, California


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