OK, so you've seen the news about the the recent Gallup poll showing most Americans are now pro-life. For those of us who are haunted by the violence of abortion, the poll is welcome news. But before you get too excited and think that now we can start electing more leaders who will protect the lives of the most innocent and vulnerable humans among us, recognize that this poll is seriously flawed. It was based on heavily biased sampling of just a subset of Americans and is not representative of actual American VOTERS. Why? Because they only surveyed living Americans. They completely neglected dead voters, and we can hardly expect the dead to share the same pro-life views as other voters

We need to pay more attention to the dead in these matters. They really count. When cities like Detroit or Milwaukee have more registered voters than living eligible citizens, you know the dead are playing a huge roll in our society. Let's reach out to them and at least include them in polls. Maybe we Mormons can help. We've got baptism for the dead--why not ad opinion polls for the dead? And maybe we can spread a little pro-life advertising toward their side of the veil while we're at it. Hey, if we can just get everyone who becomes Mormon on the other side to vote pro-life, maybe we could swing a few elections here in mortality? Nah, we don't want to politicize temple work too much. Any ideas?
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