I am reminded of one of the things I learned in a modern church history class I took at BYU in 1984. The tradition of having a member of the First Presidency stand up between speakers in General Conference was to correct anything they might have said that was amiss.

I want to point out that no one stood up and corrected Elder Boyd K. Packer after his October 2010 Conference Address reinforcing the Church's position on same-gender attraction. The Church itself has issued no retraction. No retraction will be issued by Elder Packer or others.

Reports in the news media, digital commentary and other forums that changes were progressing inside the Church on this issue were false and irresponsible, EXTREMELY IRRESPONSIBLE.

Those of us who are stalwart members know this. We have always known this. Elder Packer's talk simply eliminates any room for doubt. His address is consistent with the official Proclamation on the Family and the Church's other information released to the media.

The Church position will remain the same, now and forever.

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