I've waited a long time to become an official Missionary Mom (MM) but now that I am, I'm not quite sure if I'm actually going to like this whole thing. I know I shouldn't admit this, but I can't help it. It's only been a week and I've realized how unprepared I am for this hallowed adventure.

I don't like feeling in the dark. For example, yesterday I waited literally all day, hugging my computer, waiting for that FIRST blessed email to arrive from Elder Skaggs! Every hour that went by I found my spirits slowly diving, as there was nothing. Then I got angry! I couldn't help thinking how irresponsible of Alton to not write me when he should KNOW how desperate I am to hear how he is doing! I just couldn't figure out WHY he hadn't communicated with his mother, of ALL people!

 The woman who gave him LIFE!

It gets worse. I finally broke down and texted the girl he left behind, thinking surely he would write to her! I just had to know. She texted me back. Nothing. We were both sad:( That's when I knew something was up...

I'm now convinced that God has a tender spot in his heart for missionary moms. A few days ago I joined an email list for MMs. One last time I went to check my email and lo and behold there was a group message from these wonderful seasoned missionary moms. One sister mentioned something about not receiving mail from her Elder. I IMMEDIATELY perked up and shot back a reply that I had not gotten MY anticipated email either! It didn't take long before about half a dozen moms came to my rescue!

Apparently, I should have figured this out myself, but... yesterday was President's Day! A legal holiday! Most missionaries go to the public (government)library to use the computers to write HOME!!!

I feel like lovable, furry, old Grover -- in the book "There's a Monster at the End of this Book" (my absolute favorite children's book) when he says, "oh, i'm sooooo enbarassed."

And then, I had to laugh out LOUD with the relief I felt at that moment of discovery!

Now, I have new hope. Those wonderful missionary moms on my email list prepared me for what could possibly happen TODAY... Of course I'm once again waiting patiently for that email, but I'm calm. Kinda.

I'm also hopeful that as I learn the ropes of being a good missionary mom, I'll be able to better feel that missionary spirit of Mormon lore;)


Mormon Missionaries and What They Teach?
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