Last week, I (finally) completed the manuscript for Latter-day Liberty—about eight months after I began. I took several weeks off here and there, but when I did write it was usually in 15-60 minute chunks after 9 or 10pm after everybody else was asleep. I really don’t recommend working on anything of significance that late at night, especially something that needs to be coherent and flow well one day to the next. But it was my only option. It feels so, so good to be done.

Among other neglected things, my blogging slowed down during the process. Whenever I had any time and mental energy to write, I usually opted to work on my book—especially once I had a signed contract with Cedar Fort, and a deadline. Now that the manuscript is done, I’m hopeful that things will pick up a bit more here.

Becoming an author has been an interesting and insightful experience. It has been gratifying to receive some great endorsements so far from Representative Ron Paul, Doug French (President of the Mises Institute), Mark Skousen (prominent LDS libertarian and economist), and several LDS authors. Their positive feedback and public affirmation of my book is appreciated and exciting! More endorsements will follow in the months ahead.

The book will be published in early December, just in time for Christmas shopping. If you know anybody who is remotely interested in politics of government, this book will make a great stocking stuffer. It will be available for pre-order beginning in October, and I’ll have a process for anybody who wants to buy the book in bulk (for a steep discount) or get a signed copy. I’ll be launching a website late this summer for the book that will have all that information available.

For those looking for a description of the book, here is a synopsis:

A fundamental aspect of the good news of the gospel is the message of liberty. As President Joseph F. Smith said, “The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of freedom; the gospel of the Son of God is the gospel of liberty.” Men of God, both ancient and modern, have spoken on this issue repeatedly. Latter-day Liberty: A Gospel Approach to Government and Politics provides an analysis of what liberty is and how it applies to government and politics, using logic, reason, and secular sources of information, in addition to the abundant scriptures and statements from prophets and apostles which relate to these issues. Part One of this book is an examination of liberty using the sources mentioned to demonstrate support for the principles being discussed. Part Two is an analysis of several important political issues, applying the principles discussed in Part One.

I feel that this information is vital for every Latter-day Saint to understand. It incorporates many of the themes I’ve discussed here on this blog, but the book format allows me to go into depth, and provide a methodical exposition of the eternal principles which find application to secular government.

I hope you’re excited to read it! As the publication date gets closer, I’ll go into more detail about the book, share opportunities to win free copies, and drum up the marketing engine I have waiting in the wings to help spread the word and get this information to the masses!

In the mean time, and if you haven’t already, please consider signing up on the email list to be notified of the book’s progress as the months progress. Thanks!


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