Children raised by gay parents are more likely to be gay or bisexual themselves, a study shows. Also, those children are more likely to have their families break up.

The obvious conclusion is that the prophets knew what they were talking about. Gay parenting isn’t good for kids.

But the obvious conclusion may not be the right one. To the extent that male and female homosexuality has a genetic component (still largely uncertain, especially for women), then all this study might be showing is that hereditary happens. Second, if there is an association between homosexuality, especially female homosexuality, and having been abused as a child or otherwise suffered psychological trauma, then all the study about homes breaking up shows is that people with psychological problems don’t make the most stable of parents. And/or are more likely to create kids with psychological problems.

Put not your trust in princes, the scriptures say. “Studies” are the princes of the modern world. While it reassures when studies back up the teachings of the prophets, we must never forget that the human world is actually extremely difficult to study. If it were easier, we might not need prophets.

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