Updates to the Gospel Library app have been released for the Android, iOS, and Windows 7 operating systems in an effort to provide additional content to multiple mobile platforms.

  • Android: the entire English library of Church publications is now available. While the previous app offered only the scriptures, general conference, and a few other key publications, the new update provides access to Church magazines, the Teachings of the Presidents manuals, Handbook 2, leadership guidebooks, and other manuals. Sync capabilities will be added for Android users in a coming update.
  • iOS for iPad and iPhone: You can now sync scripture annotations between the mobile app and My Study Notebook on LDS.org, making it possible to view your notes, highlights, and tags on both devices online or on your mobile device.
  • German, Portuguese, and Spanish content is now available for Android and iOS.
  • Windows Mobile 7 has just been released. It includes the entire English library, basic annotation features, and audio playback of scriptures and recent general conferences.

Find the Church’s latest mobile apps at mobile.lds.org.

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