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Well, hopefully you are enjoying this Father's Day with loved ones far and near.  We have Father's who are close by, but most are living very far away from us.  Thank goodness for technology that allows us the opportunity to span the miles and keep relationships going.

I'm sure there are wonderful gifts that have been selected and given....and hopefully you are having better weather than we are having here.

So, I thought I would include something fun that Father's and Children can do together....and of course it incorporates food storage staples.  My aim is to show you how these things are really mainstream....everyday items that you will always need and have creative and sometimes memory-building uses for as well.\

This recipe comes from Merrilyn Lloyd's Instant Delite Recipes (copyright 1988).  This booklet has many, many recipes that are really good.  Consider finding a copy for your library.

Incredible Edible Finger Paint
2 rounded Tablespoons of Instant ClearJel
1/4 Cup Sugar
1 packet unsweetened Kool-Aid, any flavor
3/4 Cup Water

Mix instant clear jel, sugar, and Kool-Aid. Add water and beat until smooth.This has the advantage of staying glossy even when it is dry.  It will also pliable.  After it is dry it will not crack or break like ordinary finger paints do The children can lick their fingers.  It tastes good and will not hurt them. 
Make some memories for Dad, or with Dad today. Times goes fleetingly by....

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