I've never really been out of college and I've watched it develop over time. If I had it to do over, I would not do it the same way.

College costs have gotten exorbitant. Looking at the costs for tuition, fees, living expenses, textbooks and supplies, I have to say that I no longer think college education is worth the cost.

I had the traditional college experience. I moved away from home and went to BYU. I don't think kids should do this anymore. It is too expensive. Unfortunately, many parents are expecting their kids to do college this way. Kids will try and live up to their parents' expectations.

Kids or families have no choice but to go into massive amounts of debt for the traditional college experience. It isn't worth it for families and it isn't worth it for kids. It is too much debt. Parents may grasp these costs but kids don't.

College kids can't really fathom how much money they are borrowing and how much it will cost to repay the debt. They do not have the maturity or life experiences to fully understand what they are committing themselves to. Few occupations will allow people the luxury of paying off the debt in a timely manner. It just isn't worth it anymore. No college education is worth that much anymore. It just isn't.

Entities allow college students to borrow too much, too early and too often. Nobody really looks at it as a cost benefit type question. Well, I'm looking at it now and I'm telling you not to do it.

The rest of this series will examine the better options out there and what the church is doing.

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