The More Good Foundation is seeking positive, accurate multi-media content regarding who we are as members of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are responding to a call to “engage in the conversation” responsibly and effectively. Here is the post from their blog:

We seek authentic text and multi-media content–photos, audio, video clips–that reflect who we are and what we believe in a natural way.  Content must be addressed to the honest seeker, as if they are looking at our lives through the Net or observing us as we live it, and language should be commensurate with that audience (define terms that are Mormon-centric and common to us but that may not be to friends of other faiths).  Sources must be included, if your reflections draw upon those.

We are currently in need of articles that are about 400-800 words, with photos where possible, that are reflections on gospel theme– including but not limited to the scriptures, (the Book of Mormon in particular), temples (and particularly but not necessarily the newer announced temples or those just completed), family life, problem solving through the gospel, the atonement at work, appreciating what it means to be a woman in the Church, the Savior’s influence, etc. We engage many websites. There is room for every worthy writer who would like to participate in this kind of work online.

We do not accept duplicate content–content published anywhere online.  All content must be original.

Call for Reflections
These are first-person pieces that offer a glimpse into the author’s life, as well as something tangible about the gospel and its playing out in daily living.  If you have a particular hobby, or area of study, for example, you can post about that respective interest and discuss how your perspective of it is impacted by who you are and what you believe.  These pieces are ‘not’ to be preachy in any way, but reflective; not didactic, just revelatory in their authenticity and ability to capture the tapestry of our faith-filled lives that are often taken for granted, and that, if posted, can influence honest seekers and answer the questions of the soul, or lead to inquiry for those answers.

Once we become familiar with your writing, we may invite pieces on specific subjects, timely issues, or invite you to become a regular guest  writer on one of our websites.

If interested, you can respond to the post from their blog post or e-mail them.

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