If you are a regular reader of LDS Media Talk, you’ve learned when the talks, video, and audio from the October 2011 LDS General Conference have been posted online. You also know there is a video of highlights from the conference, as well as conference highlights selected especially for youth.

  • Video and audio in 82 languages have been viewed or downloaded over 9 million times to date.
  • 18 language texts are published on the conference page, with more to come.
  • Ensign is printing and will begin shipping to subscribers soon.
  • Language versions of the Liahona will begin printing next week.

EPUB Files

Today, the English text in EPUB format for electronic readers was published online. You can find it in two places:

  • Click Download on the October conference page next to Entire Conference. (There are not separate files for individual sessions or speakers.)
  • Download it from the EPUB page that lists all the EPUB files published by the Church. You can navigate to the EPUB page on LDS.org as follows:  Menu > Manuals > EPUB

PDF Files

Today, PDF files were published for the November Ensign and the November Liahona magazines. Click Download at the top of the column, then select the PDF icon.

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