Rooster Junior with his Mission President and Wife

Today, I have experienced a wide range of emotion.  We had a loved one who passed away this week and was laid to rest today.  This good man finished his earthly mission, and lived a valiant life.  I was honored to have known him and our lives have certainly been enhanced, for the better, for having him in our family.  Our love and prayers go out to his wife and children who now will be forging a new form of 'normal' in their coming days.

I was also very aware that 1 year ago today, we took our son to the Missionary Training Center in Provo Utah.  I cried a lot that day, mostly tears of joy.  I felt very blessed to have such an amazing child who had prepared himself.....willingly I might commit to full-time Missionary Service for 2 years.

We have had the opportunity to have 2 other sons serve missions, and have been so very grateful for them and their service.  We would literally wait by the mailbox to hear from them each week. Sometimes we didn't hear from them for more than one week due to issues with the mail, transfers, etc.  

Enter the age of cyberspace.  I watch my email each Monday morning between each patient to see if my Missionary has written.  There have been times that I have been fortunate enough to send a quick "I love you" as I calculated whether he may have been on-line at the time.  

Well, he is now a District Leader, and pushing ahead.  He often challenges us to study more, pray more, and to prepare to serve a mission (which we have always planned to do).

So, today, as we said good-bye and shed loving tears for a dear brother-in-the-gospel, I also shed a few tears of joy for our missionary son.  The Lord has a plan for all of us, and each chapter is written with his hand...and the consequences of our own choices. It is my hope and prayer that we all will work to be in concert with the Lord's plan for us.  We never know when our earthly mission will end.  

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