Each month, LDS youth around the world study a different doctrinal principle that is coordinated across Young Men, Young Women, and youth Sunday School classes.

The topic for January is the Godhead“We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost” (Articles of Faith 1:1).

Parents, grandparents, siblings, and leaders can help the youth learn these doctrines if they will study the doctrines themselves and regularly discuss the doctrines with the youth during the month.

Below is a list of the lessons that may be taught during January. Quorum and class presidencies and leaders will use the Spirit to determine what is taught.

  • How can I know my Heavenly Father? Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to draw near to Him. He has given us the opportunity to pray to Him and has promised to hear and answer our prayers. We can also come to know Him as we study the scriptures and the words of latter-day prophets and as we strive to become more like Him by following His will.
  • What do we know about the nature of the Godhead? The Godhead includes God the Eternal Father, the Savior Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. Although the members of the Godhead are distinct beings with distinct roles, They are one in purpose. They are perfectly united in bringing to pass Heavenly Father’s plan of salvation.
  • Why is Jesus Christ important in my life? Jesus Christ was chosen to be our Savior. His Atonement makes it possible for us to be resurrected and to repent and be forgiven so we can return to our Heavenly Father’s presence. In addition to saving us from our sins, the Savior also offers us peace and strength in times of trial. He sets the perfect example for us, and His teachings are the foundation for happiness in this life and eternal life in the world to come.
  • What are the roles of the Holy Ghost? The Holy Ghost bears witness of the truth. He is the source of personal testimony and revelation. He can guide us in our decisions and protect us from physical and spiritual danger. He is known as the Comforter, and He can calm our fears and fill us with hope. Through His power, we are sanctified as we repent, receive saving ordinances, and keep our covenants. In order to serve effectively as priesthood holders, it is essential that we lean to listening to and following the promptings of the Holy Ghost.
  • How does the Holy Ghost help me learn? The Savior promised that the Holy Ghost will teach us all things and bring all things to our remembrance (see John 14:26). Part of our responsibility as gospel learners is to seek the companionship of the Holy Ghost to inspire us as we study the gospel—in class, in our personal study, and in other gospel settings. Learning by the Spirit involves praying for His influence and listening for promptings to enlighten our understanding (see Alma 32:28).
  • Who am I, and who can I become? We are sons of Heavenly Father, created in His image, with the potential to become like Him. By divine design, we have unique gifts and talents that will help us fulfill our duties as bearers of the priesthood. Knowing who we are gives our lives purpose and helps us make the right decisions.
  • How can studying the scriptures help me learn about Heavenly Father? Throughout the ages, prophets have revealed truths about the nature of God. As we diligently study their testimonies in the scriptures, we can learn about Heavenly Father’s attributes and increase our faith and testimonies. The better we understand the nature of our Heavenly Father, the better we understand our own divine potential as His spirit children.
  • How can I help others learn about Heavenly Father? Many people in today’s world either have no concept of God or have a perception of Deity that is very different from His true nature. Because we have the fulness of the gospel, we can help others understand the true nature of Heavenly Father and their relationship to Him.
  • How can I learn to see Heavenly Father’s hand in all things? The prophet Alma taught, “All things denote there is a God” (Alma 30:44). Heavenly Father loves us and blesses us daily. If we are observant, we can see evidence of His power and influence in our lives and in the world around us. Though we may not see Him personally, recognizing His hand in all things can strengthen our testimony that He lives.

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