I can see that the statement of one-ness of being between God, Christ and Man may lead, further down the inferential chain, to consequences which are apparently heretical or otherwise unacceptable – yet such ‘third-level incoherence’ is always the case for any theology concrete and simple enough to be relevant and useful in life.
Better a deep level of possible theological incoherence, than a superficial level of theological irrelevance – which looks very much like evasion.

Thus Bruce Charlton.

Mormonism is almost explicitly what he’s talking about. We start with the basic insight that he has and push pretty far down the inferential chain. What occurs to me is that pushing on down the inferential chain isn’t really the problem, it’s starting to see the further links in the chain as equally important to the starting point. Or, as someone much smarter than me put it, “Be still; and know that I am God.”

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