On the sweetness of Mormon life.

You wonder why the Stake Presidency is all on the stand. They release your father as Bishop. You are embarrassed that your first reaction is a sense of loss of consequence.

The baby isn’t moving, your pregnant wife says. [You are relating this not for sympathy but because it has to be told as part of the sweetness]. She goes in to a doctor. No heartbeat. An ultrasound. No heartbeat. The remains must come out via surgery. Friends pour in to the hospital room.

Post-op, back home. Friends bring meals and babysit. The Relief Society, your Catholic neighbors, your radical low church neighbors, your ex-Mormon shading into anti-Mormon neighbor. The Elders Quorum President comes to your Scout camp departure point to go in your place, he says.

The prayers of many buoy you up.

You administer a blessing to your wife. “Every wrong will be righted,” you hear yourself say. “Every family will be whole.”

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