Millions of talks are given worldwide by faithful Latter-day Saints. The More Good Foundation has created the website as a way for you to share those talks with others. If you submit a talk you’ve given, it will appear by category and be easily searchable online. Honest seekers of truth who are browsing the Internet around the world will be able to find answers to their questions with good information on many doctrinal topics.

Think back to the last talk you gave at church or a special lesson you gave. Remember how hard you worked and how much time you invested to share your message with your ward? Now you can share it with all those looking for the truth. Your talk can reach a worldwide audience and bless the lives of more than your congregation. Your personal voice could be a missionary tool of staggering possibilities. provides a safe, secure, and private way to share your talk. When you submit a talk, it can be posted (with edits as necessary) by your permission on or on another More Good Foundation site that is relevant to your topic. You also have the option of posting your talk anonymously or with your name. You can even include a photo!

Your talk can make a difference.  It is time to join your voice with the missionary effort and spread your testimony using the powerful tool of the Internet.

Please comment below about your experiences in sharing your talks.

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