I am thirteen years old. Every time I read even just five minutes of the Book of Mormon, I know that it is true for so many reasons. The main one is that the Holy Ghost speaks to me in small promptings and makes me feel peaceful. When I feel the Holy Ghost I feel like someone is in my mind that I can talk to. I feel like I can have conversations about anything that I want to talk about. I can talk about something that happened at school or at home that I am excited, nervous, afraid, or dreading. The Book of Mormon helps me really connect with God and the Holy Ghost and it can help me get over stress as well.

Recently I was having trouble with some homework late at night and was very tired. I felt like I could not think but I also thought that I just needed to finish my homework. Finally, I decided to take a break and read the first part of Mosiah chapter 2 in the Book of Mormon. This chapter helped me feel calm and know that I could finish my homework and that I would do it peacefully and that I could control whether or not my stress would affect how I felt about what I had to do.

I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I believe it and I have faith that it can change lives. If you just pray after reading, I promise that you will get an answer if it is true or not. I know that the principles in the book can help you feel calm and know it can help you in your life if you let it.

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