Am I aware of what the Ordain Women group does? Yes. Am I going to join them? No. Do I sympathize with them? No. I like the Church's recent response to them and the news coverage that covered it.

This group is loud and increasingly relying on emotion, rather than logic. The following quotes and my responses are below.
It’s true that OW is a small group with an aggressive agenda not supported by the majority of women in the church.
Yes, and not just small, it is extremely small. The statistics prove it. They come from PEW. (See Deseret News graphic from link above).
But if it’s true that Mormon women can seem ordinary and moderate simply for wanting to hold their weeks-old infants in the priesthood circle when those babies are presented to the congregation and given a name and a blessing,
This is not an accurate characterization of what's happening. It is extreme to try and change a standard priesthood ordinance using political pressure. 
or simply for not wanting to start discussing their sexuality with an adult man as soon as they turn 12, or simply for not wanting to expose the details of their sex lives with an all-male tribunal if they commit certain types of transgressions—
Confession is technically required, but entirely voluntary. No one forces them. If they refused to answer any questions, no one would force them to talk.

Personally, I'd rather tell men than women. Where is it proven that women would rather confess to women than men? I certainly don't share this view.

What's more, I'd want help and support in repenting. Heavenly Father has declared this a priesthood job. That is good enough for me. I can certainly tell whatever women I want or even have them accompany me to any priesthood interview. Who said they can't do that? No one.
it is in part because OW has extended so radically the pole of what faithful Mormon women have the courage to ask for.
It is obvious that these women don't speak for all Mormon women, the majority or even very many at all. They shouldn't represent themselves as saying they do.

I get tired of this sort of crap. You know what, I hadn't noticed women had never spoken in General Conference before all the hullabaloo. Why?

I'm not that fixated on gender.

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