L’Wren Scott (1967-2014)

What looked like routine celebrity news (probable suicide of Mick Jagger’s girlfriend) took an odd turn. Born in Roy, Utah. Well, she is named L’Wren, but it turns out that her parents named her Laura Bambrough and called her Luann. “L’Wren” was her own invention for the fashion world.

A taste for Utah names wasn’t the only sense of the possible that she picked as an LDS girl and carried forward with added elegance: “Scott’s designs were ‘very (much) based on her own personal style … a very interesting style that combined the strict and the sexy,’ said Valerie Steele, director of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. ‘Not sexiness like body exposure, but sexiness like a very strict governess. They tended to be covered up yet form-fitting and beautifully constructed, beautifully made.’ Steele said Scott’s clothes were ‘were more sophisticated than the average red carpet gown’ and added that Scott ‘had a very precise vision of what she wanted them to look like.’” (link) Some of her dresses can be seen here.

It is doubtful that one who was Mick Jagger’s girlfriend maintained much of a feeling for the gospel, but the Daily Mail raided the family photo album, and the indications are that she did keep up relations with her normal relatives in Utah. [When reading Daily Mail, I recommend moving the bikini news on the webpage's right column off the edge of the monitor screen.]

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