meetinghouse-technologyWith the increasing availability of Church-sponsored technologies, there is a growing need in wards and stakes for specialists who can help members and leaders use these resources in teaching, training, and other settings. This need is especially felt in stakes that cover large geographical areas and in developing areas of the world.

To assist in meeting this need, stake presidencies were recently notified that they may assign worthy youth and adult members (brothers or sisters) to serve as assistant technology specialists. Stake presidencies may assign as many of them as needed and organize them by building, ward, or other criteria.

These assistant technology specialists would normally be trained by the stake technology specialist (if available) or through online training resources located at If a stake does not have a stake technology specialist, the assistant specialists would report to the stake clerk or an assistant stake clerk.

The assistant technology specialists would typically be responsible for the set-up, maintenance, and training for the following:

  • Satellite and Internet broadcasts to meetinghouses
  • Meetinghouse computers
  • Meetinghouse sound systems
  • Internet and firewalls
  • Displays for classrooms (TVs, DVD players, media players, tablets, etc.)
  • Personal video conferencing
  • Meetinghouse telephones
  • Meetinghouse printers and copiers

In addition to maintenance and support, the technology specialists can be a great resource to training leaders, teachers, and members on how to use technology and the digital resources provided by the Church.


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