The spread of technology around the world is creating a greater need for technology lovers to serve LDS full-time missions. You can enjoy this unique opportunity to serve as an Area Technology Specialist (ATS) missionary.


ATS missionaries work with Information and Communication Services managers in area offices, with Facilities Management (FM) groups, and with stake and local leaders. The technical challenges vary from place to place. For example, ATS missionaries learn how to make adjustments for low bandwidth or unreliable power. They work with members to foster self-reliance with technology.

If you have a technical background, know something about meetinghouse networks, and have some general office skills working with spreadsheets and word processing, chances are very good that you could be a perfect fit as a technology missionary couple. Together you can complement one another, and what you don’t know you can learn.

If the ATS experience piques your interest, see the Introduction to Technology Specialists for a video and a short overview. More comprehensive training is available at and is open to anyone.

Ask an Area Technology Specialist (ATS) missionary what a typical day is like and you won’t get the same answer twice. The ATS mission experience differs for each couple and the area where they serve. Ask technology missionaries where they find their greatest rewards, and most will say working with people, being ambassadors for the use of technology, and training leaders. Learn more about the life of an ATS missionary in the article “Area Technology Specialist Missionaries Have Unique Opportunities.” That article also provides information on who to contact if you would like to know more.

There are immediate openings in South Africa, Tonga and Fiji. A dual role for ATS and Family History is needed for Cambodia, Thailand, or Moscow. Not all locations require foreign language skills.

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