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The following is a review of the most popular articles on this year:

Movie and Videos

meet-mormons-movie-4Many of you liked to read about new LDS movies and videos. Notable articles this year were about Meet the Mormons, the “Glorious” supercut video, Because of Him Easter video, member-created videos, Bible videosJoseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration movie#ShareTheGift, and other Christmas videos.


share-goodness-5Articles about how to share the gospel online were very popular, including my weekly #ShareGoodness tips, Elder Bednar’s challenge, 101 Ways to Hasten the Work Online, and other articles about hastening the work.

Church Resources

Church-Email-CampaignThere were many articles about new and updated Church websites and other resources, most notably, new essays in Gospel Topics, ministering resources available to ward councils, and the Church sending email messages to members worldwide.

Church Events

LDS-Face-to-face-ArchuletaArticles about general conference are always widely read as members learn about new ways to watch and study conference. The live Facebook events with David Archuleta and Lindsey Sterling were also well read.


bible-translations-languagesArticles about scriptures are always popular, especially the following: Recommended Bible Translations in Non-English Languages, International Day of the Bible, How Joseph Smith Translated the Book of Mormon, DNA Studies and the Book of Mormon, and the new Pocket-sized Scripture Set (which is still 50% off). In April, I invited you to vote for the Book of Mormon on the Best Book Read website. In 5 days, the book went from #25 to #1! Then, someone hacked the site and promoted a book by Hitler to #1, upon which the owner decommissioned the site. That shows the power of social media for both good and bad.

Social Media

lds-tech-missionaryPeople enjoyed articles about social media, including lists of LDS hashtags, Elder Bednar’s talk “To Sweep the Earth As With A Flood,” and how to use the Internet and social media in church callings.


Christmas-temple-squareArticles about Christmas are popular ways that people find videos and stories to share with their family at Christmas. Articles about the annual Christmas initiatives are also widely shared.

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